As if stress, burnout, quiet quitting, and a general state of being overwhelmed by complexity and workload was not already a megatrend, last fall we got served another round of beating with inflation, cost-cuts and downsizing adding to already high stress and burnout levels.

That was, by the way, before we got the sniff of what AI can do to add to our insecurities for our future, when ChatGPT launched last November.

Is a Best Practice Employee–Manager Dialogue the Key to Retain and Motivate?

So, as if managing people was not already difficult, it suddenly became one or two more levels complex – and important – due to the forces mentioned above. Just as managers need to reduce staff to cut costs, they need to retain and motivate those who are left to deliver business as usual – or better. WeMe Dialog is the missing best practice toolbox managers need to spark better dialogues to retain and motivate.

  • Research by Gallup, Inc says if a team performs, 7 out of 10 times, the manager is the sole reason.
  • The same research says that companies that are good at employee-manager engagement are 23 % more profitable.

If a team performs, 7 out of 10 times, the manager is the sole reason.

Source: Gallup, Inc.

WeMe Dialog – Sparking 3 Dialogues

WeMe Dialog is a GPT-4-based, SaaS delivered mobile app developed specifically to support 3 dialogs:

  1. The dialogue between employee and manager, based on dialogue best practices.
  2. The dialogue the employee has with herself about professional status and development based on a combination of curated and GPT-4 content.
  3. The dialogue with a professional coach, through our coach marketplace, to either assist with a difficult relationship or situation, or one’s professional status and development.

In sum, we think we have a platform for digital scale and human touch.

Curated Content and AI = Power of N

For key, common topics such as “stress management”, we have developed our own methods and content based on research as well as more than a decade of coaching experience.

For other topics, we have developed the WeMe GPT-4 Dialog Conditioning Engine (GDCE), a bridge helping users formulate GPT-4 dialogue prompts related to employee-manager dialogue and self-development. Just like with a Google search, if you make an imprecise search, you get a million (good and bad) answers that you can get lost in. Our GDCE technology helps users to achieve the best possible GPT-4 dialogue conditioning.

Financial Strategy

Based on the above opportunity and technology, WeMe has been fortunate to be selected as one of 9 companies in the 2023 Equinor & Techstars global accelerator program. As a HR tech company WeMe is the first wildcard ever selected to the program outside the energy space.

Equinor are supporting and sees an interest in WeMe’s solutions and we will through two pilot projects receive technical and business support from Equinor in fall 2023.

WeMe has funding until early fall, and we are now looking to fund the company until a VC round in 2024. Should you have passion to help solve the challenges in the introduction here, we would love to hear from you and discuss a win/win solution.

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